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I can tailor a show to what you imagine to look like as I have a variety of performers that I work with from jugglers, unicyclist, burlesque, mime, clowns, dancers, aerialist and lots more..



After many years of experience and performing with the best performers around the globe and achieving experience of the beauty on stage, I have came to set a production called.. 



Teatro Tommasino, is an exclusive production company providing  a first class entertainment service to exclusive venues.

Led by Tommaso Di Vincenzo who himself an accomplished performer with experience in creating to meet the needs of particular clients. 

Offer outstanding  high class performances. We take and listen to your ideas and together create the best entertainment for your requirements. We create and you celebrate!


We devise our own shows and  we work with a team of highly skilled performers:  Choreographers, Costume Designers, Set Designers, Riggers, with our first class range of Musical Theatre, Cabaret and Circus artists.


Our performers are known through out the world. We include: Magicians, Hoola hoopers, can-can dancers, Musical bands, fire breathers, Jugglers,  aerialists, Contortionists, acrobats, Strongmen, Masters of ceremony and many more. 

Teatro Tommasino offers a range of choreographed shows.  We listen carefully to your requirements and create for you a brand new show.  


Shows we have created include:

- The Magic behind the Tent: A touring circus, a story of what happens  backstage.

- Il Ballo in Maschera: A troop of circus acts, musical theatre and cabaret acts set in the 1900

- Quattro Staggioni: This represents the four seasons from Winter to Summer to Autumn to Spring .

- Lumiere: A show full of passion and sensuality with a twist of Circus and Musical Theatre. 


Show times are 50 minutes to 75 minutes. 

Shows can open the evening. They can be part of your dinner programme, or a theatrical conclusion to your event. Our performers can meet and great with guests and also perform solo at various  times during the event. 


Our performers are of world class talent.They include: Magicians, Hoola hoopers, Singers, can-can dancers, Musical bands, fire breathers, Jugglers, aerialists, Contortionists, acrobats, Strongmen, Master of ceremony and many more.

We can, with you, create a special show for your event. You can select a few performers and create your own show.


Please talk to us and we’ll be able to create a great show for your event.

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