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My shows are choreographed and designed to fit in with the theme of your event. 

Length of show is 5-6 minutes performed in a graceful set with a classical or upbeat tempo. 

Ideally on a platform or a raised stage where the audience have the best view to be mesmerised ..  

I have various costumes, in lycra and other fabrics. in different colours black, blu, red, nude, white, gold and sparkly.. also I can get a costume made especially for your event as long as I have plenty of notice. 

I can do Meet and Greet at your event. Easily entertained for you while your event is on.

This is 2x 10 minutes routines with a choice of the DJs music.

I'm a member of Equity and have public liability insurance.

I'm available to be booked for various other performance contexts too such as: TV, Commercials, Movies, Photos Shoots, Exhibitions and more. 


My performance are -

Divenire: A beautiful classical piece. A 6 minutes performance showing the grace and flexibility of the body. 


Flamboyant: Is a duo piece, performed with a male acrobats in a provocative and sensual bond between the two bodies 


Vogue: is 1990's style performed to the vogue track. I'm surrounded with dancers and fan dancers... in suits and cat-walking to the beat of the music 

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