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I'm Tommaso a world-class male Contortionist based in London. 
My artistic journey began at the tender age of nine when I joined my first ballet class and visiting a circus show in town.
 I fell in love with the art of movement. I progressed further and taught myself contortion after becoming fascinated with the different shapes the body can achieve. 
In my later teens, "I ran away to join the circus".
I gained several accolades including a Diploma in Dance and a Diploma in Circus Arts.
Since becoming a professional, I perform on an international level, with my mind-blowing twist and bends. 
I perform on stage in some of the most prestigious and exciting clubs, galas, parties and functions in the world.
Some of the best - Freddy Active, St Martin's University, Riders Moda. Alton Towers Resort for a world record on 2012 also featuring in a BBC3 Being Human 5th Episode out in Jan 2013. also 3rd episodes of the Vikings out 2015. Performing for Dolce&Gabbana private event alta Moda. Alan Carr.. The Mummy 2017 ,Girlfriends on ITV, Channel 4 -The Last Leg 2019, Dracula BBC 2020 and more..


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